Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Whoaaa...Photos of my attempt to organize my bathroom closet!

After receiving rather a lot of toiletries and cosmetics for Christmas my already fully stocked bathroom needed some organisational help. But, due to always being broke I couldn't go out and spend lots of money on storage. So, I went to my local discount/pound type store and invested the sum of £11.98 on two small plastic sets of drawers. Now Kirstie Allsopp I certainly am not, but here is my before and after pics of my bathroom closet.
bathroom organisation

My closet has three shelves, and the floor for storage. I am so grateful I have this space as I live in a very small flat, and God knows how I would manage without this area for my toiletries, towels and sheets.This is the top shelf of my closet. Until Christmas it only held my towels.

The second shelf, the main area for my make up, nail varnish, extra toiletries etc. It was much neater before Christmas!

This shelf holds my bedding sets. I received two new sets for Christmas and as yet I have not taken them out of the wrappers. One is the animal print on the left, the other is the red, white and blue set under it.I actually didn't do anything to this shelf this time. I will wait until I can iron everything and sort it out properly. Because of the bedding I received as gifts I took lots of old bedding round to the charity shop last week, otherwise this shelf would have been completely out of control!

The floor! Prior to Christmas the only things here were my bathroom cleaning supplies, toilet rolls and a toiletry bag I have packed and ready for guests to use. Looks such a mess now though, and I hate mess!

So, how did it all look afterwards? Well it does look neater and neatness makes me happy, I know I'm sad aren't I? I blame my star sign, I'm a Virgo :)

The only extra thing now on this shelf is this wee wicker drawer set, which has all my nail varnishes in.

Bathroom organisation

The little drawers are now holding all my make up and skin care, apart from what I use every day. The grey container at the back has deodorants and  talc in, and on top the Floozie toiletry bag has all my contact lenses in. The white holder at the front has bars of soap, liquid soap, toothpaste, and anything else I use regularly. The gold make up bag has my every day make up in, and I didn't like to take the decleor set out of its box until I get round to using it.
I was very generous and put my boyfriends daily toiletries in the little pink box at the front :)

OK, so this may not look particularly neat but everything is now organised. I managed to sort my cleaning products out so they all fit back in the white box. The black and red box now has all my shower gels in, should keep me going for a while! At the back are all my shampoos, and of course there are toilet rolls and extra mouth wash at the side. Oh nearly forgot the floral toiletry bag at the back. This holds my travel toiletries, and under it is a toiletry bag for guests.

Just one more photo someone may feel inspired by. I bought this from the local Oxfam shop for about £1, maybe less. It is apparently normally used for a baby's toiletries or some thing like that, but I have it hung on the inside of the bathroom closet door where it holds all my hair supplies.

bathroom organisation

Anyway I feel a bit happier now I have organised this area. Who else has had to get organising to fit all their Christmas gifts into an already full space?


  1. I always enjoy having a good sort out of my beauty products and toiletries! Just after Christmas is the perfect time to do it as you said, because most of us get them as gifts. Love the little draws you have for your makeup. I'm currently using a big vanity box I got for Christmas to store all of mine :) xo

  2. Yeah the drawers were cheap, through necessity but they work for now. Feels good to have everything organised after the mess of having presents all over the house!
    Let me know if you want to swap follows Megan, I enjoyed reading your blog hon x

  3. How organized it all look :) xoxo KJ

  4. Everything look so organized :D x


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