Saturday, 26 January 2013

Inside my flat, and my head I suppose!!

I have had very similar items in my homes where ever I have lived for at least the past 15 years. Even after leaving everything in Texas when I moved back to England a couple of years ago, and moving from a big house with a swimming pool to a small flat without even a window box, there have been many constants. Apparently the things I choose over and over again indicate a lot about me, so maybe by showing you inside my flat I am also showing you who I really am, what makes me tick. Oh dear, hope I don't give the wrong impression lol Anyway, here are some photos of things that are important to me, often that I love because people I love bought them for me, or are just plain old useful!!

Buddha decorating

The chair isn't important, it's just a cheapo calico one from Ikea, that was supposed to be a temporary measure, three years ago! Rather it is the Indian fabric on the chair that has importance as it is a souvenir from a fabulous holiday with my lovely man last year, a holiday where I finally rode on an elephant in the jungle - a long held wish that came true!

The Klimpt picture, The Kiss, is probably my all time favourite painting and my daughter bought me this print last year, unfortunately I still haven't had it framed yet!

Ah Buddha's, I have had them in every room where I live for many years. They remind me to live in the now, as much as possible. I used to meditate daily but since I moved back to England I haven't felt the need.  My meditation practice gave me some peace when living in America where I was unhappy and homesick.

The guitar is a representation of John Lennon's guitar that I fell in love with in an amazing little shop in Venice.   The Madonna egg was a gift from my son from St Peter's Church in Venice, well he gave me the money to take with me and buy something from him, I choose this. Incense, I love real Indian incense the most and brought loads back from India last year, my sister bought me this burner, but I have quite a few scattered about. Finally my wee stereo, with a Dylan CD in. I love music and have plenty of CDs, prefer them to mp3s, but I tend to put a CD on to play and leave it on for weeks at a time.


Blue berries, always in my fridge, love them, but not as much as I love Galaxy chocolate! The gorgeous toaster was a Christmas present off my son, along with the matching kettle.I have bright green accessories in the kitchen, the pots on the cupboard were from Ikea. The cute Russian doll is a measuring cup, a gift from my daughter, I love Russian dolls. I have the water filter as I drink litres of the stuff every day and this is cheaper than bottled water. The drawing on the fridge door, with the Buddha magnet, is a thank you note from my beautiful great nieces for their Christmas presents, awwww 

Not much to say, it is what it is, a small bathroom with no bath, just a shower. I hung floor to ceiling sheers to cover the huge expanse of white tiles. 


The golden Buddha was a wall hanging my Mum bought me, the other two hang over my bed. Big brown teddy has been mine for 45 years! My brother bought him for me when I was 7 and he has lived in Cyprus and America with me.

I have so many pairs of jeans they have to live in the hall closet! Skulls show up a lot, in my jewellery, handbags and tee shirts. And oh dear many pairs, but I wear the same couple of pairs most of the time, typical woman and footwear I think.


In my entry way I have some shelves where I store my Yankee candle tart burner, love it as I can just plug it in and twenty minutes later my whole flat smells fabulous. I store my hair dryer and straightener in the wicker box as I have big mirrors over the shelves and dry my hair there. 


A close up of my favourite books, the poetry of Rumi. Beautiful words that blow my mind!
Well, not sure if you know me any better now, but either way I hope you enjoyed seeing my home and the things in it that are important to me. What items are most important to you?


  1. Loved this blog Angela, I love having Buddhas about too, they just make me feel peaceful and give me a little reminder to try to do the right thing. Love Bob Dylan and I get homesick for the north west of England too, it's a hard place to forget isn't it? xx

    1. Thank you x I definitely feel better having my Buddha's around me, I like to think they help me be a better person. Where are you now? I lived in America for over 10 years and I am grateful every day that I got to come home again. I think being away makes you appreciate home more, I see lots of places around Manchester now through the eyes of a tourist almost, just love the place xx

  2. Your house is beautiful Angela! I can't wait to get our own house so that we can really decorate the way we want.

    1. Aww thank you Anna. It is a great feeling getting your own place. My little flat is home and I love it, it is full of things that are important to me. I have had nicer homes with more expensive things but this is probably my favourite home ever. Hope you get your own place sooner rather than later, it's so great to finally buy what you want for your own home xx

  3. Hi Angela, I love your flat, and your Buddhas! I'm a bit the same with my Maneki Neko, the top of my kitchen cupboards are full of them - the kitchen simply because I've had to put them where my MOTHER can't reach them to stop their arms waving because - and I quote - 'they make me feel ill, looking at them' :-)

    Thank you for following, and am following you back now :-)

    M x

    1. Thank you! I can understand what your Mum means lol but we have to surround ourselves with meaningful things that we love don't we? Thanks for following me x


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