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"The Secret's out : Confessions of Vogue's Ugg Addicts"

Yes ladies that ^^^ is the unbelievable headline seen on the Vogue web site recently!! What is the world coming to? Will we see Anna Wintour sitting front row in Milan or Paris sporting a pair of Ugg Adirondacks next? Well the latter is doubtful, but Vogue definitely was rocking some Ugg love, even Refiniery 29 was gob smacked and had to comment on this seeming dichotomy. As Connie Wang states in R29 " the article allows a few staffers to come out of the shearling closet."

But it's not just lowly office staff we find when we read the Vogue blog but some of the upper rung staff, including senior market editor, Grace Coddington and Andre Leon Talley, who was previously the contributing editor. In fact Andre explains in true Vogue style, “They are the best practical shoe—not only because they can handle the slush on sidewalks and curbs while keeping your feet warm, but they’re also easy to accessorize. I have them in ebony, which I call my black tie, and bark brown, and they were specially monogrammed for me in Russian red. I of course got carried away and ordered them in triplicates. They’re lined up in my hallway by color, and I rotate them on a daily basis.” Only Andre would have monogrammed Uggs and order them in triplicate, ah how the other half lives hey?

photo of Vogue accessories editor in uggs Selby Drummon

Vogue Accessories Editor Selby Drummon
sporting her Uggs to work.

Least you think Vogue are advocating leggings or denim shorts with Uggs, the uniform of college age girls everywhere it seems, they are not, of course they're not, they are Vogue after all! Accessories Editor Selby explains to us mere mortals that, “to make them work, I paired them with a silver lace Dolce & Gabbana dress—sometimes one must elevate.” So did you get that? leggings with Uggs are a big no no, while a D & G dress is a yes! Moreover Vogue went on to put up several design boards incorporating Uggs, check them out below.

Vogue Uggs
1) Ugg Australia Adirondacks $3,252
2) Michael Kors herringbone print dress $1,195
3) Fendi patchwork shagreen 2jours bag (price upon request)
4) Diane Von Furstenberg tights $41
5) Ileana Makri diamond snake ring, $3,015 and diamond eternity band $1,450 and Monique Pean rectangular quartz ring $2,710

So, not a Primani legging or shorts in sight!

The board below is my personal favourite, the one I thought most wearable.

1) Ugg Australia Madelynn boots $160
2) Rag and Bone fedora $226
3) Kenzo sweater $453
4) R/13 skinny jeans $325
5) Narciso Rodriguez python clutch $1,700

1) Ugg Australia Shanleigh boot $240
2) Etoile Isabel Marant Alika coat $715
3) Pamela Love Maia ear cuff $138
4) Whistles tights $20
5) Etoile Isabel Marant Greta dress $525
6) Derek Lam Hayden sunglasses $285
7) Pamela Love double finger ring $240

1) Ugg Australia Sundance ll boot $250

2)Givenchy Nightingale leather shoulder bag $2,364
3) Tom Binns small bullet studs $99
4) Mother The Looker yekkow skinny jeans $270
5) Topshop chunky rib sweater $90

1) Ugg Australia Classic tall boot $195
2) Joseph Ford naval peacoat $825
3) Proenza Schouler tie-dye tissue top $364
4) Yigal stretch leather trousers $1,595
5) Reed Krakoff Track tote $1,390
6) Nike+ Fuelband $149
7) Victorinox Swiss Army Alliance bracelet watch $495

Apparently this whole article was born out of an Alexa Chung tweet last week in which she posted a photo of herself wearing Uggs and captioned it "My deepest apologies" Vogue decided no apologies were necessary for such a fashion faux par, and seeing as Alexa is their darling they went on to write this article to prove they are tight with her and any fashion choice she makes. It reminds my of the story about the Emperor's new clothes, with Vogue reminiscent of the Emperor and Alexa being the tailor. Because much as I like the way young women wear Uggs with their skinny jeans and leggings they have no place in the iconic fashion directory that is Vogue, but then again this article was from American Vogue and they have been receiving a lot of flack lately about how un-stylish they are in comparison with their UK and European counterparts. I think they need to stop kissing Alexa, and all the other young Vogue darlings butts, and recognise that even those paragons of fashion occasionally get it wrong. What has happened to Anna Wintour? Will we see her in a shell suit strolling down 5th Avenue one of these days? Perish the thought, let us hope she kicks butt in the Vogue office for this rather gargantuan slip, especially hot on the tails of NYFW!!

P.S. I wonder if Mulberry will think of re-naming their Alexa bag now that their muse has caught the bug for Uggs lol

All photos American Vogue online blog


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