Monday, 11 February 2013


Grammys Fashion, hits and misses!

Alexa Chung, as always looked ethereal 

CAlexa Chung Grammys 2013

 Alison Williams, managing to adhere to the dress code and still look sexy

Alison Williams Grammys 2013

Adele in what to me looked like my granny's curtains  but at least she wasn't in her usual black, not the best decision she's ever made!

Adele wearing red Grammys 2013

Florence Welch, looking like an extra in Robo cop!

Florence Welch Grammys 21013

Lila Downs, a modern day Hiawatha, and I like it.

Lila Downs Grammys 2013

Taylor Swift, looking beautiful as always.

Taylor Swift Grammys 2013

Rhianna, amazing, but what on Earth is up with her, canoodling with Chris Brown again?

Rhianna Grammys 2013 Chris Brown

Beyonce, absolutely rocking this jump suit look.

Beyonce Grammmys 2013

Carrie Underwood, looking every inch the country music icon she has become.

Carrie Underwood Grammys 2013

Jennifer Lopez, stuck to the dress code but still managed to reveal some skin!

J LO Jennifer Lopez Grammys 2013

Katy Perry, not sure I love the dress but wow, she can rock anything she wears!

Katy Perry Grammys 2013

And bringing it for the guys, Jay Manuel, certainly different.

Jay Manuel Grammys 2013

And last but not least, Justin Timberlake, always looks good in a tux, but what about those Al Capone style shoes?

Justin Timberlake tuxedo Grammys 2013

These were the outfits that stood out for me at this years Grammys. I keep reading how everyone loved Adele's choice of dress. Now I know it was Valentino, and usually I love everything Valentino, but really? I think she really didn't suit it at all.
Also in red was Rhianna, and for me this was one of THE looks of the night. But my personal favourite was Beyonce, wearing the jump suit look, different, suited her amazing body and just overall classy and comfortable looking.

So, who wore it best, and worst, in your opinion? Let me know in the comment section below.

Photo credits...Glamour - Refinery 29 - The Huffington Post


  1. Rihanna is my fave!! Looks gorgeous!! <3

  2. Yes she looks amazing, she is so beautiful she looks good in anything though. X

  3. Replies
    1. It is, but she has youth, beauty and a lovely figure and that just makes it look even better x

  4. I agree - Adele looks like she's wearing old curtains :/ It does not suit her at all!

    I think my top pick would be Rihanna and my bottom choice would be either Florence Welch or Jennifer Lopez - I just don't think that dress Jo Lo is wearing is particularly classy and the "Angelina Jolie" leg thing is getting old!


  5. I actually really like Adeles dress! But RiRi is top of my list, without a doubt. Stunning dress! Xxx

    1. I really don't like Adele's dress, but even if I did, she looks awful in it. It makes her look older, fatter and old fashioned, she's only in her very early 20s after all. I think she usually looks much better than this x

  6. I agree with you on everything. I also thought Adele's dress looked like gram-ma's curtains. I loved Carrie Underwood's dress. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me.
    Your newest follower,
    Angie G.

    1. Thanks for the follow Angie, glad we both have such good taste :) x

  7. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Did you see Carrie Underwood's dress she was in when she sang, with those butterflies leaping out of her dress. OMG! Amazingly beautiful.

    Anyway, new follower on GFC.

  8. Mmm love it,babe!;-)

  9. rihanna stole the show!

    Thanks for stopping by via the blog hop :)

  10. Hello and thank you for following, I'm stopping in to return the follow. And thank you for the lovely comments, you're so sweet!

    I just love Katie Perry's dress, she looks fabulous!

    Have a wonderful day! I just noticed the cute little sheep with the thought bubble.. adorable!


  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I don't have tv and didn't get to watch the grammy's unfortunately, so this is the first I'm seeing of the dresses! I think Rhianna's is my fav....and Adele is so pretty, but I think if the dress was longer and short sleeved it maybe would have worked better?

  12. Love Rihanna's dress ad JLo's. Amazing dresses! Thanks for commenting and following my blog. Actually, I followed you now via GFC & Bloglovin.

    XX, IamJenniya

  13. Hi Angela!! You have a great idea for a blog here :) Thanks so much for stopping by and following this weekend! I'm now following back!



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