Friday, 11 January 2013

What I want in my handbag in 2013!

I am really excited to be writing this particular post as I have recently found a fabulous Facebook blogging community called the Girls Inspired Group, or GiG for short . They aim to help, inspire, and involve their members to be the best bloggers they can be. This post is part of this week's GiG spotlight event


As this is my luscious lust list, I have chosen some beautiful, high-end products - yes in reality I may be a bargainista but in Angela's fantasy world I am all about the high end beauty market. So, without further ado here is my lust list of 5 items that I would love to have in my bag this year.


Chanel vitalumiere eclat

   1) What is more lust worthy than the iconic Chanel brand? Not much in my opinion, so top of my list had to be Chanel's Vitalumiere Eclat. This is an astoundingly beautiful compact of velvety powder that promises to make my skin radiant. I'm sure make up this beautiful would make me say "I just need to go and powder my nose dahrrrling"

Dior diorific lipstick

2) Dior's Diorific lipstick, in Diva, what other shade would suit my lust list better? That's right, absolutely none, because while I am writing this lust list I am, finally, if only temporarily, a diva!


creme de la mer hand cream

3) Creme de la Mer hand cream. After having heard so much over the years about the iconic Creme de la Mer face creams, used by just about every actress in Hollywood it seems, I thought I would grab my own little bit of that glamour and tie it into my constant need to have hand cream in every bag I own and choose this item. After all my hands need to be super soft when gentlemen bow down to kiss them, don't they?


Jane Aiscough hairbrush

4) A Jane Ainscough hair brush.  Well a girl has to have a hair brush doesn't she? And I wanted my hair brush to feel at home with Chanel, Dior and Creme de la Mer, so I had to choose a Jane Ainscough brush of course. I'm sure brushing my hair with one of these brushes would turn my, home coloured, in dire need of a good cut, hair into locks as glossy as those Prince William runs his fingers through, that would be Catherine's not his own!

Guerlains jicky EDP

5) Finally, perfume, namely Guerlain's Jicky eau de parfume golden spray. I would feel so Audrey Hepburnish pulling this magical looking bottle out of my bag and spraying a tiny bit behind each ear. Everyone who walked past me would be enveloped in the vanilla notes of this fabulous perfume. In fact any man that bends to kiss my hand may well end up intoxicated, if not by my designer produced gorgeousness, then by this incredible parfume! And we girls tend to like our men intoxicated, don't we?

So, what do you want in your bag for 2013? Let me know in the comment section below then join in this  fun GiG initiative here.

All of these lust worthy items are available from Selfridges...of course! For current pricing check here, but I'd advise you sit down if you do go and check on the prices my dears.


  1. there gorgeous, think my girlfriend would love them

  2. I love the look of that perfume bottle, that would look lovely on any dressing table! x

  3. Replies
    1. I knwo right, if i ever am in a position to go for quality and not check the price I would so buy all of these x

  4. as above, if price wasnt an issue, then i'd have all of these!!

  5. Me too, all so beautiful! Oh well maybe I'll win the lottery, if not I'll stick to my bargain brands x

  6. That's a beautiful list! I love everything Dior! It's like my greatest weakness. I followed you via email.

    Lisa from

  7. Thank you so much Lisa. Yes Dior just makes everything look so beautiful, they are a dream brand! I have signed up to follow you by email too hon xx


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