Monday, 23 February 2015

Spotlight on the Tuxedos instead of the dresses at The Oscars 2015!

All we seem to see after The Oscar's are photographs and articles about what the women wore, well I think this year the guys looked pretty good overall, so here's a look at what some of them were wearing.

Looks like shawl collar tuxedos were the "in thing" this year, more so than in previous years at least, and of course Dolce and Gabbana were very well represented on the red carpet, as always, including the ravishing Channing Tatum and  David Oyelowow, who chose the more unusual burgundy for his Tux.

So here's a little treat for all the ladies out there, and some of the guys of course, who are fed up of seeing the spot light on only the women on the red carpet.

Chris Evans (Hollywood Reporter image)

Eddie Redmayne wearing navy Alexander McQueen (Getty Images)

Adrien Brody in Dolce and Gabbana (Getty Images)

Jared lilac! It's not the colour of the tux that I find most odd but the shoes he chose to wear with it, and the too short length of his trousers! Not Jared's best red carpet look, but hey that is not saying much!!

David Oyelowow in burgundy D & G

John Legend in  Gucci tux with velvet shawl collar

Ethan Hawke also rocking the shawl collar look

Chiwetel Elijofor in another shawl collared tux!

Mark Ruffalo, you guessed it, wearing a shawl collared tux!!

Josh Hutcherson, looking very short in deed! Maybe it's the cut of the tux? 

Steve Carrell with the Mrs.

Host Neil Patrick Harris wearing grey, which I really don't like him in to be honest.

Justin Theroux wearing...who cares when he's got Jennifer Aniston on his arm looking stunning?

Benedict Cumberbatch in a white number that I actually quite like!

And, just one of the ladies, worth looking at I think as we don't usually see Reese Witherspoon looking so sexy. It suits her!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of Hollywood's leading men in their red carpet finery for a change, you can check out what the women wore on a million other blogs I'm sure.

Who looks best, out of the men that is, in your opinion? I think for me it's a draw between Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne for not going down the usual black tuxedo route and changing it up a bit. Although my least favourite also steered away form black...Jared Leto!

Unless noted all photos from Huffpost

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  1. Loved this article. I rarely get on to look at blogs but I'm glad I did today x


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