Friday, 3 October 2014

Joss & Main at Bargain prices!

I love Joss and Main, so many beautiful home decor things at lower prices than the RRP, but most are still too expensive for yours truly these days unfortunately. So, I went on a bargain hunt, something I love doing, and found some of my favourite things from the current Joss and Main offerings. I stuck to Amazon this time when bargain hunting, simply because it's one of my favourite places to shop, but some of the things I looked at may well be available from ebay and elsewhere even cheaper.

Some of the things I found are the exact same item that is for sale on Joss and Main, same brand exactly, others are the closest I could find at a lower price, I even preferred some of the cheaper items to the Joss and Main ones. Check them out below...

                                           Joss and Main 3 Drawer Storage Bench

Beautiful but £224.95!

Similar for £69.99 and Amazon have dozens of similar benches to choose from.

Original price £300 now £131.95 at Joss and Main

                                         Amazon five arm Marie Therese Chandelier                                                                                                                                                                      

Obviously not the exact same chandelier but once it is
 hung it will still look beautiful, and for only £49.99

I love this dressing table but at £253.95 I think
 it's quite expensive for such a small piece of furniture

For £109.95 plus £9.95 shipping this
 beautiful version even includes the mirror!

Fabulous Eames style dining chair at Joss and Main for £121.90

Looks almost identical to me for £49.99 plus £1.47 shipping!

This one is only £39.99 on Amazon!

I love all things Indian and found this when looking 
for plain white Indian cushions, not a bad price £15.95
 not forgetting shipping  £6.95

Identical I would say, but only £6.99 and free shipping,
 and they even have it in the white I want!

At the end of the day I still love Joss and Main and they do offer great discounts off RRPs of a lot of quality home decor items, but I love them mostly because they give me ideas for things that would look great in my house, and to spur me on to search for a cheaper version. So far I have never ordered anything off Joss and Main,because everything I ever want I have found cheaper else where. I still enjoy getting their emails and also emails from lots of Home Decor companies, they give me ideas for  things to look for elsewhere at lower prices yet still enable me to have lovely things in my home.

So next time you are wondering what to buy to make your living room, or dining room etc look finished and beautiful don't be put off by companies that you think are out of your price range, just find something you love and search online for a cheaper version of it...Happy Shopping!

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